What is SO.RO.?

What is SO.RO.® ?

SO.RO. translates as “free, untethered”, but it means far more.
It’s all about a life style.
Life when you are not to be pushed constantly.
Life without a pressure to have, to be, to do.
Life to be free to choose. Choose to be active & lazy and feel great.

We founded SO.RO.® to dedicate our experience and thoughts to all of you having enough of tight and shining outfits.

The point is, that we never had any intention to boost typical athletic look. We want you to proudly wear SO.RO.® and find yourself every time, everywhere. While working, hanging out, traveling, having fun, cycling, exploring and simply: loving.

SO.RO.® 3 core principles:

  1. SO.RO.® is built on years of experience in sport fashion industry in Japan and all over the world.
  2. The style is described as modern and timeless with all adequate functionality required during physical activity.
  3. We promise to keep the highest quality of textiles and manufacturing.